Dry Eye and its treatments

"Working together we can help alleviate your dry eye and its symptoms"

Dry Eye Syndrome occurs when there is a lack of moisture and lubrication on the front surface of the eye. This results in a range of symptoms listed below:
- Dry sensation
- Gritty sensation
- Tired eyes
- Sore eyes
- Burning sensation
- Red eyes
- Blurred vision
- Aching sensation
- Sensitivity to bright light
- Watery eyes
- As a result of LASIK or cataract surgery

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions worldwide. The tears are made up of 3 parts: an oily layer, a watery layer and a mucous layer. If any of these layers are not working properly, the result is a dry eye.

The oily part is produced in the Meibomian glands which lie on the eyelid margin. If they do not produce enough oil, or the oil is a thick consistency, (Meibomian gland dysfunction), the tears evaporate off the surface of the eye too quickly. This is considered to be a significant factor in dry eye syndrome.

There are a number of reasons that can increase your risk of dry eye:
- Computer / smartphone / hand held digital device use
- Contact lens wear
- Ageing
- Menopause
- Decreased indoor humidity
- Dry and windy outdoor environments
- Frequent flying
- Smoking
- Systemic diseases eg. Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis

Dry eye is a condition that requires good management as there is no cure. This is why Scartho Eyecare offers a range of Dry Eye Management Packages.

Dry Eye Assessment

Scartho Eyecare Dry Eye Assessment involves an initial patient questionnaire to establish an individual’s dry eye problems. An assessment is then made on the CSO Antares machine.

A grading of how red the front of the eye is made.

The Meibomian glands are viewed under ultra-violet light which allows the machine to analyse the condition of the glands.

The tear meniscus is measured, which is the thin strip of tear fluid on the lower lid margin. The lower the height of the tear meniscus, the greater the likelihood of dry eye.

Tear Break Up Time is measured using the non-invasive Placido disc technology. This is a way of determining the tear film stability and checking for evaporative dry eye.

Dry Eye Treatment

A patient receiving a dry eye assessment and then receiving the Espansiome My-Mask Therapy

Scartho Eyecare are proud to be able to offer the Espansione My-Mask Therapy for Meibomian gland dysfunction. It uses light modulation technology to gently stimulate the Meibomian glands. Both eyelids are treated together in a safe, controlled environment. Treatment usually takes approximately 20 minutes.


Initial assessment and one Espansione My-Mask Treatment £55

After the initial assessment and treatment we can choose which package from the options below best suit your eyes.

Bronze Package

1 Assessment per year.

+ 1 Treatment at 1 week
+ 1 Treatment at 1 month
+ 1 Treatment per year thereafter
+ 1 Blephasol bottle per year
+ 1 Hycosan bottle per year
+ 5% discount on extra dry eye products purchased

£7.50 per month

Silver Package - most popular

2 Assessments per year.

+ 1 Treatment at 1 week
+ 1 Treatment at 1 month
+ 1 Treatment at 6 months
+ 1 Treatment every 4 months thereafter
+ 1 'The Eyebag'
+ 2 Blephasol bottle per year
+ 2 Hycosan bottle per year
+ 10% discount on extra dry eye products purchased

£16.00 per month

Gold Package

2 Assessments per year.

+ 1 Treatment at 1 week
+ 1 Treatment at 1 month
+ 1 Treament at 3 months
+ 1 Treatment every 2 months thereafter
+ 1 'The Eyebag'
+ 4 Blephasol bottle per year
+ 4 Hycosan bottle per year
+ 15% discount on extra dry eye products purchased

£23.00 per month