Prices @ Scartho Eyecare

Please see below for a basic list of our clinical fees and product prices. Please contact us if you need an exact quote for your requirments

Clinical Fees

Name Description Price
Private Eye Examination 30 Minute appointment with our Optometrist £29.50
Enhanced Private eye Examination As above including OCT (Optical coherence tomography) £54.50
NHS Eye Examination For those Patients eligible Funded by the NHS
Enhanced NHS Eye Examination For those Patients eligible including OCT £25.00
Dry Eye Assessment Includes assessment and 1 Espansione My-Mask Therapy £55
Contact Lens Consultation Paid via monthly Direct Debit, to include all aftercare costs and emergency appointments. From £6.50 per month
Second Opinion Appointment Investigation of a prescription from another Opticians £45.00
Meares-Irlen Syndrome Assessment Assessment for the use of colour to benefit the vision. £35.00
DVLA Private assessment £47.00
Investigation of non tolerance to specs dispensed elsewhere Includes Refraction, visual Acuities and investigation of the new Spectacles £55.00

Prescription Lenses - Single Vision

Name Description Price
Standard Plastic CR39 £49.00
Standard + Anti Reflective Coating To reduce glare from the lenses £69.00
Zeiss + Duravision Platinum Anti Reflective A Premium quality lens, our 1st choice £89.00
Transitions VII Photochromatic (Light sensitive) lenses £89.00
Zeiss 1.6 Duravision Platinum Anti Relective A mid index (Thinner) lens From £99.00
Zeiss 1.67 Duravision Platinum Anti Relective A high index (Thinner) lens From £120.00
Zeiss 1.5 Duravision BlueProtect Reducing the blue light from LED light sources £138.00

Prescription Lenses - Varifocals/Proggressives

Name Description Price
Standard A great beginner lens for low prescriptions £89.00
Medium Progressive + Anti Reflective Coating With wider viewing zones £160.00
Scartho Eyecare by Zeiss Progressive + Anti Reflective A great introduction to Zeiss lenses £190.00
Zeiss Precision Plus Progressive + DuraVision Platinum Our most popular varifocal lens £269.00
Zeiss Precision Superb Progressive + Duravision Platinum A great option for the stronger prescription £319.00
Zeiss Individual 2 Progressive + DuraVision Platinum Simply the best, individually designed to you for you. £399.00

Prescription Lenses - Occupation & Digital

Name Description Price
Zeiss Officelens Plus Occupation lens, perfect for Intermediate and Reading £109.00
Zeiss Officelens Plus + DuraVision Platinum As above but including an anti glare coating £139.00
ZEISS Digital Lens For single vision wearers who just need a little boost for near vision tasks £130.00
ZEISS Digital Lens + DuraVision BlueProtect HMAR As above but with a blue light absorbing coating £160.00

These prices are a guide, please speak with our Opticians for an exact quote for your needs and prescription.

As an independent practice we supply lenses from many manufactures enabling us to offer you many ‘niche’ lens solutions that are just not available from the larger national companies. We have supplied ‘Double D-seg’ bifocals to pilots, photochromatic lenses that become polarised as they darken, the worlds thinnest lens (a 1.76 refractive index lens), an invisible bifocal segment lenses, the ‘Vista Mesh’ lens which is perfect for those suffering with lights driving at night and artificial light, Trifocals (YES, you can still get them!), the Upper progressive bifocal lens!? – Again mainly for pilots, Glass lenses in many forms and many more.