Contact Lens Assessments and Lenses

Enjoy the freedom that Contact Lenses can offer.

Contact lens assessments

Modern contact lenses are more convenient and more comfortable than ever before, allowing many people freedom from wearing spectacles. At Scartho Eyecare Ltd, Grimsby, you will be able to try contact lenses both in the consulting room and in your own environment. As we are an independent opticians we are able to source contact lenses from many manufacturers to find the most suitable for your eyes. Before your contact lens assessment you will need to have had an eye examination within the last year. If this has been performed at another opticians you will be required to bring the prescription with you.

The optometrist will discuss with you your contact lens requirements to assess the most suitable contact lenses for your lifestyle. The optometrist will then make a detailed examination of the eye surface and lids; assess the tear film and record any corneal measurements that are necessary. A pair of trial contact lenses may then be applied to the eyes, and after a short period to allow them to settle on the eye, determine their fit and how well you can see.

The next step is to give you confidence on taking the lenses in and out, and the appropriate care and hygiene of the lenses. You will be given time to practice with the optician, and will learn about contact lens do’s and don’ts’. Once fully confident a pair of trial contact lenses and solutions will be issued for you to try in your own environment for approximately one week.

On the follow up appointment you will be required to attend wearing the contact lenses so that the optometrist can review their fit and your vision, and make any necessary changes.

At the end of the consultation period you may wish to take advantage of the Scartho Eyecare Contact Lens Scheme. This is a monthly direct debit which gives discount on both spectacles and contact lenses, and covers all future contact lens checks and eye examinations.