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Protect your eyes and look great!

Quality Prescription Sunglasses from Scartho Eyecare opticians Grimsby

Why you should buy your Sunglasses from Scartho Eyecare

-Superb choice: Scartho Eyecare carry wonderful ranges such as Chloe, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Guess, Morgan, Jaguar, Joules and Ted Baker.

-Expert Advice : Our Optician’s are always on hand to advise you on options available

-We have time for you : Try on as many pairs of sunglasses as you like.

-Eye health : Sunglasses at Scartho Eyecare block both UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes properly.

-Better comfort : Scartho Eyecare’s experienced Opticians will ensure that your sunglasses fit you perfectly.

-Better protection : Our Opticians will also ensure that your sunglasses fit well enough to effectively block out unfiltered light from reaching your eyes.

-Customer service : If we don’t currently stock the particular sunglasses you would like, we are happy to order them for you.

-Quality : we only stock sunglasses that we judge to be made of high quality, durable materials.

-Guarantee : All of our Sunglass come with at least a years warranty

-Price : Our Sunglasses start from £29.50

Prescription Sunglasses

Gone are the days when Prescription Sunglasses were the same style as your main pair and they looked just like prescription Sunglasses! We want your Prescription Sunglasses to look like Fashion Sunglasses that anyone would be proud to wear.

At Scartho Eyecare we have taken time to provide a range of lenses that will provide outstanding vision and perfect cosmetic effect, so your sunglasses will look just like Sunglasses.

We have also many lens finishes available such as Polarising lenses, Mirror finishes to wrap around lenses for the sports styles.

Prescription Sunglass lenses start from £30

New for 2019, L.K.Bennett, Jasper Conran and Kids Lazer Sunglasses. All Quality Sunglasses from Scartho Eyecare opticians Grimsby

Lacoste Quality Sunglasses from Scartho Eyecare opticians Grimsby