Eye Examinations

"Looking after the eye health of you and your family"

At Scartho Eyecare Ltd, Grimsby, we are committed to providing a first-class professional eye care service to all of our patients. Our Optometrist will carry out a thorough examination of your eyes, not just an assessment of whether spectacles or contact lenses are needed. All adult patients have a 30 minute appointment, as we believe 10 or 15 minutes in an optician’s consulting room does not give enough time for a comprehensive examination.

During the eye examination:

The optometrist will start by discussing the reasons for your visit and any visual problems that might have been experienced. The optometrist will also enquire of any special demands made by your eyes for work, at home or for any hobbies. Enquiries will also be made of general health, medications and personal and family ocular history.
Your eye sight will need to be checked, so the optometrist will ask for letters to be read on a chart. For those unable to read letters there are other tests including picture recognition.
A full examination of the health of the eye, both internally and externally, will be made using a variety of specialised instruments. The eye is the only place in the body where blood vessels are directly visible, and being some of the finest, can often be the first ones to show vascular disease. The balance of the muscles surrounding the eyes will also be checked by the optometrist, to ensure that both eyes are working well together.
The pressures inside the eyes are measured by the optometrist using an instrument called a tonometer. This measures the pressure of the fluid that is inside the eye, and is performed using an instrument that blows a mild puff of air onto the surface of the eye. Alternatively, there is an instrument that, with the aid of a mild local anaesthetic, uses a disposable probe that touches the front of the eye.
The optometrist will perform a number of objective and subjective tests that will determine your ocular prescription, and will discuss what you might require spectacles for.
Some patients will require an assessment of their visual fields. This is performed on a Visual Field Analyser where one eye is checked at a time. This gives a measurement of the sensitivity of peripheral vision.
At Scartho Eyecare Ltd, Grimsby, we are able to offer Retinal Photography as an additional service to enhance our already comprehensive eye examination. Traditionally an optometrist would write notes and draw diagrams to record information from the eye examination. A retinal camera now allows the optometrist to take a highly magnified, detailed digital photograph of the back of the eye giving a permanent visual record. The retinal image enables a comparison of the health of the eyes to be made in future visits, making it possible to detect small changes which could go unnoticed with a standard sight test.
At the end of the eye examination at Scartho Eyecare Ltd, Grimsby, you will be given a copy of your spectacle prescription, and our resident Dispensing Optician will be happy to discuss any spectacle requirements with you.